Welcome to My Online Portfolio

I began my career in graphic design almost 25 years ago. Looking back at the enormous collection of projects I've completed, both professionally and recreationally, it was quite a task to pick just a few samples of each category to showcase here. The bulk of my work before 2016 was focused on direct mail marketing. In the past 3 years as a freelancer, I've leaned toward creating art as a product.

I invite you to browse within the categories below and review my acquired skills and work history. If you're in need of a designer / digital artist with my diverse skill set for freelance work, part-time, or full-time employment, please contact me via email.

Brochures & Catalogs   T-Shirts   Boat Names
Digital Art   Object Illustration   Technical Illustration
#10 Envelope Mailers   Rack Cards   Self Mailers & Postcards
Business Logos   Business Cards   Packaging and Labeling
Video Editing   Video Animation and Slides   HTML Emails

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